Summarised non-financial statement

Zusammengefasste nichtfinanzielle Erklärung der EWE AG

Pursuant to the German Corporate Social Responsibility Directive Implementation Act (CSR-RUG), the report contains the non-financial group statement of EWE AG in accordance with Section 315b et seq. of the German Commercial Code (HGB) which is compiled with the non-financial statement of the parent company in accordance with Section 289b et seq. HGB.

In doing so, we are tying our reports in with our previous sustainability reports. We report on how we create value for our company, the environment and society in the section entitled ‘Our resources’. As part of a materiality analysis, we redefined the non-financial aspects of relevance to our reporting in the 2017 business year. The identified aspects and the materiality analysis process are also presented in this section. All information that is part of the non-financial statement is marked with the symbol *NFS* . *GRI 102-49*

Reporting boundaries *NFS*

Unless indicated otherwise, all disclosures and figures in the non-financial reports concern the 2017 business year (1 January to 31 December), as do the financial reports. The EWE Group comprises EWE Aktiengesellschaft (also referred to as EWE AG), an ‘Aktiengesellschaft’ (public limited company) incorporated under German law, as well as its subsidiaries. If the non-financial statement deviates from the basis of consolidation, a footnote will define the scope of consolidated Group companies. Due to the varying materiality requirements of the GRI Standards and the CSR- RUG, no recognised sustainability reporting framework was used to prepare the non-financial statement. *GRI 102-45*